Finding the Right Asphalt Paving Contractor Dublin- Part 2

Ask for a Quote
Have the asphalt contractor take a look at the job to be done and go over what you need completed. Find out exactly what work is included and what is excluded, and how the contractor charges; this may be by the job, or by the hour. You should also get a clear idea of how long the work is expected to take. The quote should indicate what type of asphalt – sub-base or full-depth – is being installed, as well as any demolition that might need to be done. Ask to have the detailed quote provided in writing. Get more than one quote for comparison; at least three are recommended in order that you may establish a reasonable range of total cost for the project. Make sure each quote includes the same work and the same materials so you are comparing apples to apples.

Execute a Contract
The contract should stipulate everything agreed upon in the quote. It should include a detailed description of the work to be done, the amount of time expected for completion, and the cost of the procedure. As part of the description of the work, make sure the contract includes a listing of the type of paving materials being used. It should also list any warranty on work completed that the contractor provides as a guarantee of quality.

Things to Look for in a Qualified Asphalt and paving contractors dublin.
Appropriate insurance. Verify the asphalt contractor’s insurance coverage with a call to the insurance company, or check with your local governing board.

A strong reputation. Call the Better Business Bureau – they can provide you with information on any complaints that have been filed against the asphalt contractor or company. Check online review services such as Angie’s List or Service Magic for a review of their work. You may also visit One Local Expert to locate a top quality service provider in the Charlotte area.

Safety Commitment.
Asphalt paving can involve dangerous equipment that requires cautious handling. Ask the contractor about their safety procedures to protect employees from potential injuries. The right contractor will use all required safety equipment and procedures when working.

Clean Up.
Ask how much clean up the contractor plans to do in the work area after the job is complete. All debris should be cleared away and the area free of dust and construction materials. Find out if the contractor will arrange for removal of any old surfaces they may have torn up, or if you are responsible for having it hauled away.

*An asphalt contractor who works individually may be just as skilled as one working for a big company, and charge less
*Watch out for quotes that seem unusually high or low. A low quote might mean the contractor will raise the price later. A high quote often suggests they are probably really too busy for the job