Writing Software – You Can Do It!

Writing software can lessen the load on a writer whether they are just starting out or are quite established. They vary in price, but there are cheap and expensive options, and a lot of choices for today’s writers. Writing software can help you stay organized and make your life easier.First, you need to figure out what features you are looking for in the writing software. You do this by first accessing your needs as a writer. What kind of writing do you do? Do you write screenplays, novels, technical writings, or a collaboration of things? Knowing what you are going to expect from the writing software will make it much easier to pick out. From writing poems, to advertisements, to novels there is writing software out there for you. Here are a few that you can consider:Write That Down is software that is geared towards agents, publishers, freelancers, and screen writers. The application has tabs for contests, publications, submissions, accounts, and many more. It offers things from both sides of the writing world, for the writers and publishers. This may be a little too much for some.

The Wizard of Words is pretty much a one size fits all as far as writing software goes. It has formatting for novels, articles, short stories, term papers, and so much more. For book writers is has a repair editing wizard that reformats just about any aspect you need it to. It even has tools for creating book proposals and query letters and mass mailing them. It requires Microsoft word 97 and higher.Style Writer is a style and grammar checking software. It checks your writing against comparison to over 35,000 common language problems. You can change the type of writing it is checking and it adjusts to the document type. It has 15 specialized features that will help you in your writing ventures. You can add and delete the grammar and style advice. It will track your progress and show you as you learn to stop making these mistakes on your own. When you install the software it melds itself with your own word processor. Read more writing editor software

Writers Block is a replacement for Microsoft word. This software is a word processor and spread sheet combined into one. It allows you to write in blocks and then organize them how you want. It has a power panel in which you enter the writing for the current block. It hovers above other programs so you can easily read from one page and type into the power panel.


Rough Draft is a free download program. Well, they would like donations but that is your choice. It is similar to Microsoft word but is more user friendly. It has special modes for plays and screen writing. And it has an instant back up feature. Unfortunately, it does not have a grammar checker, tables, pictures, or footnotes.A popular choice for written media publishing is Adobe Page Maker. You can put your text right into the formatted layout and has a new data merge feature that you can merge previously saved spreadsheets or other databases to create new projects.There is a writing software out there for every type of writer, and even for editors and publishers. There are software titles that will generate names, poetry, jokes, and create congressional letters. This list only provides details on a few of the writing programs that are available. Continue your search and you will find the perfect match for your needs. The possibilities in writing software are endless.