Young adult rehab – Fundamental Aspects

Well, ok – that title is a bit grandiose. But if you think about it, perhaps not so much. The transformation occurs on an individual level. Others have beat their drug and alcohol addictions before. Therefore it is possible!

We have many stories to share and it is my hope that others will anonymously post their stories – good and bad – about drug and alcohol use and abuse. we hope that we can build an online storehouse of drug and alcohol related stores to serve as information, warning and a beacon of light to those who would like to escape addiction or those who love someone they want to help.Get additional information at young adult rehab.

It’s not easy to beat a strong addiction. Perhaps a list of drug rehab centers would help. Alcohol addicitons, while perhaps legal, are no less of a challenge. In some ways, they could be more of a challenge because of the legal status of alcohol. Therefore, a list of alcohol rehab centers may also be useful. You may find plenty of the same centers on both lists which serves to even further underscore that an addiction is an addiction and alcohol is simply another drug.

Therefore, we encourage all to share their anonymous stories – please change names to protect all parties and leave out or change anything that could identify someone. We are here to share the story, not the person behind the story. If you are a doctor or counselor that works in the field, please feel welcome to share your stories, good or bad, about drug and alcohol abuse or anything related as well. Everyone is welcome to post their anonymous stories about drug or alcohol abuse.